On September 2009 we travelled for the first time to Burundi, to study the chance to activate a Unicef-based protocol on malnutrition, in the area of Murayi.
Some friends of us, doctors part of an Italian humanitarian organization, had already started a project to create a medical and obstetrics centre in the area.
We joined forces to create the Mueray medical centre.
Murayi is a village located on the central plateau of Burundi, in the Gitega Province, 1700 meters above sea level.
The climate is moderate climate and the air clean and fine.
Different from many other African societies and from the capital city of Bujumbura, the Burundi population living in the hills, live in single huts all around the “villages”.
The only socially binding element is the Hill Chief, who is the person representing the entire hill. For this reason creating in Murayi the health care center, together with the church, the schools and small workshops has an important value not only form the medical but also from the social point of view, to aggregate the population and to contribute to its education and growth.

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