The Joy Of Helping

Fil Rouge is an important and complete project, which can give the joy of life to many Burundi children and mothers.
Our objective is to constantly nourish and ensure the survival of at least 1.000 children in the Murayi area.
This objective is not very difficult to achieve.
Its annual cost is about Euro 80,000.
Thanks to our family and to our friends, in the past years we were able to restructure the buildings destroyed by the war, to set up the Health Center, to send in Murayi a Range Rover used as by the MHCC personnel to visit the families living in the hills, and to start and to support the nutrition and the maternity projects.
We created an efficient, professional and very responsible team of local nurses who take care of the daily operations. The organizational and technical activities are supported by a group of Italian volunteers who, when necessary, fly to Murayi to work side by side with the local personnel.
With the help of other friends of Fil Rouge we shall be able to enlarge the education and nutrition project to more families around Murayi and to promote the new agricultural and commercial activities necessary to create a self-efficient environment.

If you want to offer financial support or to actively participate in the Fil Rouge project, please send us a request at:
Rossella Filippini Saporiti
Fil Rouge Onlus
Via Savio 19
15033 Casale Monferrato, Italy

Banca Sella
Casale Monferrato
IBAN Code: IT57G0326822600052932253160

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