The Murayi Health Care Centre

The Murayi health care centre (MHCC) is one of the ten health centers created in the Gitega Province by humanitarian organizations in collaboration with the local Archbishopric.
The population gravitating around the MHCC Centre has been calculated in about 20,000 people.
Currently the MHCC is made up of 4 main buildings set up for health care activities:
– The prevention building, for prenatal examinations, vaccination programs, infantile growth curve check, AIDS prevention, health and hygiene courses, etc.
– The malnutrition center.
– The maternity center, with two delivery rooms and an obstetric center with 20 beds.
– The general medicine ward with 20 beds.
There are also a covered area with built-in kitchen facilities, a few rooms for guest lodging, a garage for the ambulance and a logistic area with offices and a warehouse.

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